CCTV Camera`s


Hear at JRD Electrical we strive to give the client the best possible security solution available at the time, for the lowest cost possible, we prefer CP Plus or Dahua camera systems.

CP PLUS is a German owned leading global CCTV manufacturer and supplier, with offices and distributors around the world. It is a top end camera and DVR manufacturer, dominating many European and Asian markets.

Dahua Technology on the other hand is a leading product and solution provider in the global video surveillance industry.They had the 2nd highest market share of global video surveillance equipment market in 2015 according to IHS 2016 report. They were ranked 4th in 2016 by a&s Security 50, which ranks global security industry players according to total security equipment sales.They commit to provide the highest quality product with the latest technology to enable our customers to perform their business successfully.

Give us a call and we`ll come give you a FREE quotation, on two of the best brands out there.